As a Two-Spirit artist and graduate of Emily Carr University Audain School of Visual Art, I work within the realms of painting and sculpture. I also like taking pictures and just simply creating art.

I was born in Vancouver, BC and adopted by a Mennonite couple at the age of two months. As a biracial artist not brought up within my culture, I approach Aboriginal themes from a unique viewpoint having only discovered my First Nations ancestry at the age of thirty-two. This allows me the freedom to take risks not afforded other artists when dealing with issues of race and identity.

I draw upon recollections of my rich experiences when grappling with cultural signifiers of utopia/dystopia, violence/compassion, and dissimilarity/identity. My art practice speaks to the human condition within these themes.

My interest also lies within the realm of architecture where the suggestion of ambience is generated from the design and construction of form and space to echo functional, aesthetic, social and environmental considerations. Aspects of these notions can be perceived within my work where the viewer’s eye can meander through my paintings with places to rest along the way.

My palette is often rich and vibrant. Breaking down an image into geometric shapes of both positive and negative spaces often implementing Gestalt principles, I utilize the science of physiological optics where colour engages an interaction—the colour of one geometric shape impressing upon and affecting the colour of its neighbour.

With this dynamic infused into often culturally current themes, it is my hope that the viewer will walk away from my work with new insight and perhaps changed.

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